Sticky dawg


September 2013

When we saw this face peering reluctantly from the back of a Kennel at Dogs Trust Darlington, we couldn’t ignore it.

Dexter was known to the staff as a ‘sticky dog’, one that had been overlooked by potential adopters for too long; in his case, 18 months. He was stressed, a few kilo underweight, had battle scars after not getting along with any of his kennel mates and a checkered history that made him a real challenge to re-home. Needless to say, he wasn’t a particularly happy boy.

When the member of staff who was interviewing us discovered we had no kids and no other dogs, she became quite enthusiastic for us to meet him. Once we heard of his story, we immediately agreed to him coming home for a two week trial to see how he would get on.

It was clear to me if we were going to adopt a rescue dog, it had to be one that really really needed a home. We weren’t there for the prettiest or easiest, we wanted to do the right thing. Dexter provided that opportunity and started his trial one week after we met.





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