Getting the weight on


October 2013

Within 5 minutes of arriving Dexter had reached the top of the stairs in 2 bounds and claimed a sofa I was about to get rid of as his own. 5 years on, we still have this sofa.

He was 22kg at this stage, about 3kg underweight and although the Dogs Trust provided us with a tried and tested brand of food it wasn’t doing the job. He often had us up at 2am crying to go out and it seemed whatever we gave him wasn’t staying in him long enough to give him any benefit.

I had never owned a dog before and have to admit, a scoop of dried pellets made of god knows what just didn’t seem like much fun to me. I was skeptical of the claims on the packaging and even more skeptical that the most expensive would be the best for our beast. Ultimately though, it was just totally obvious that these convenient kibble meals were not doing him any good.

Aside from the weight/runs issue, Dexter had a flatulence problem that was on a par with mustard gas, moments of super crazy hyperactivity inside the house, brown teeth and bad breath. At this point, we didn’t realise that a change to his diet would solve all of these problems, overnight.

After some research, we decided to try him on a diet of raw chicken wings, lamb bones, vegetables and fruit (you can easily find lists of what you can and can’t give them online). And before you point out that chicken bones are bad for dogs, let me just clarify, cooked chicken bones splinter and can cause real problems but raw bones do no harm and in fact contain many of the vitamins and minerals a dog needs. When do you ever hear of a fox choking in the hen house? You only need to watch how much he enjoys crunching those bones up and how easily they go down. Not to mention the 2-3 firm bowel movements a day he now has.

Other unexpected benefits include, no need for any anal gland emptying – his body now does this on it’s own (got to be a bonus!) and a much cheaper dog food bill.

Dexter now weighs between 25 and 26kg, has a glossy coat and bright eyes. In 5 years his only vet visits have been for flea or toenail issues.

I don’t need any more convincing.





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