Ears and DNA

During my ‘non-weight bearing’ period, I spent a lot of time at my computer, sitting some distance from the screen, on a sun lounger, with a wireless keyboard. The splint on my leg dictated the ridiculous furniture adaptation. At least this way I didn’t have to lie in bed watching daytime TV.

I’d been obsessively researching my dog, his breed, the issues he had. It was all still so new and I had to distract myself from watching an endless stream of very helpful people come in and walk Dexter for me.

A lurcher is a cross between any sighthound breed and something else. Sighthounds are bred for hunting predominantly but their grace and elegance mean they have been the companions of Royalty and the rich since, well, humans pretty much. They go at least 5000 years back and I really quite like that.

Anyway, it was clear that Dexter had a good chunk of greyhound but he is smaller and slightly stockier in proportion when you compare him to a pure grey and his colouring is a little unusual too. I was becoming more and more fascinated with his physique and with certain characteristics, expressions and drives.

Most of the time his ears lay firmly flat down the back of his neck, especially when he spotted something or someone he liked, which is very greyhound but occasionally his ears would unfurl to their full extent, stand straight up and well, they’re really quite something.


Somehow or other in my endless web trawlings I came across a DNA test for dogs. A simple swab that you send off to a lab and get a report on your dogs heritage a couple of weeks later.

SOLD. Dammit, Science is such a wonderful thing.

So here he is

3 parts Irish with a sprinkling of Spanish. Which totally explains the ears.



It’s a really amazing thing to be able to get this kind of information about your mixed breed dog. Not only will it answer a bunch of questions you have about what they might contain but it can be really helpful for your vet if there are health problems.

I highly recommend it. I got a right kick out of it.

One of these days I might get around to doing my own DNA. I know I’ve got Irish, English, German and some potential Italian in there. The human equivalent of a mutt.

Or you could say I’m a European.




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