First Holiday

It was the end of March, I had rid myself of stitches and crutches and was into the physiotherapy stage. I was still hobbling about and my leg was devoid of muscle, which I was in the process of building back up.

For the previous few years, Nick and I had been renting holiday cottages on the Isle of Mull. We loved going out of season for the peace and lack of people. The weather is usually pretty kind, the scenery is amazing, there’s some jaw-dropping wildlife, lots of things to take photographs of and I get my fill of seafood.

It would be another test for Dexter too. Starting with a 5-6 hour car journey to Oban, a 45 minute ferry and a whole new house to get used to for a week.

This time we’d got a lovely little place on the edge of Loch Na Keal. There wasn’t much walking nearby but that obviously didn’t matter this time, as I wasn’t really ready for much of that business. What it did have was a good grassy fenced garden, which we knew D boy would enjoy.

We spent our time enjoying the location and the view. We had a lot of this…



Followed by quite a bit of this…




And when we got home and I reviewed my shots, I discovered I’d taken another photo I was really pretty proud of.



When zoomed right in, you can see the reflection of Nick in his eye.

Bonded with his master. It’s the look of love alright.


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