Finding our feet

The next few months I continued to limp about, had a bit more physio and upped the mileage. I have never got around to getting a drivers licence and was keen to get my primary mode of transport, my legs, back in proper working order.

I was loving walking Dexter again but had yet to face the fear of letting him off for a run when Nick wasn’t there to hide behind.

As much as I enjoyed watching this face coming towards me, the speed and accuracy of his trajectory was still extremely unnerving and at times took my breath away.


Obviously, it was up to me to stand still and trust that he wouldn’t hit me again, even if sometimes he came ridiculously close. It was a real test of my nerve for sure.

One sunny morning I took him for a walk down an old river path I’d frequented as a child. We’d not been this particular way before as it was difficult to see if other dogs were coming but it was so pretty and quiet that day I decided to chance it.

We came to an opening where I could see enough into the distance and I decided this was the time to face my fear.  Before I had chance to think about it any more, I unclipped the lead and let him go.

All went according to plan and I felt a quiet sense of achievement for the rest of the day. Now Dexter didn’t need to miss out on a run because I was being a bit wussypants about it.

We continued the routine for the next few months and by the time we celebrated the first year anniversary of adopting Dexter, I was pretty much (aside from the large scar and odd twinge and creak) back to full working order.

In that time Dexter too had gained an enormous amount of confidence, was properly bonded with both of us and continued to reveal more and more of his hilarious character every day.

I found myself grabbing the camera or the iPhone almost daily, he was challenging to capture when moving but he also wouldn’t necessarily play ball when he was still either. Like my mother, the moment a camera is produced or a lens pointed in their direction, they both turn their heads away.

I persevered with patience and treats and managed to get a couple more quite nice shots.



For photo’s of my mum on the other hand, you need patience, stealth and alcohol.




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