I’m in the middle of moving house, so the posts won’t be as regular for a little while. Bear with me whilst I sort through 11 years of crap.

Some dogs are all about the water, are bred for hauling things out of water or just love messing about in it.

We weren’t sure what our leggy, short haired dude would make of it.

Dexter is not keen on rain at all and has been known to cross his legs for hours rather than venture out in it. Other skinny hound owners will probably be familiar with the head-hanging-low-backward-walk-away-from-the-open-door move.

We live a couple of minutes from a river, so it was one of the first places we walked him, to see if he would be interested in it or as aloof as he is about pretty much everything else (except food).


Surprisingly, he loves it, more specifically seems to be particularly taken with trying to bite and swallow every splash that’s made.

This, we have since learned can be a bit of an issue in sea water. Needless to say, it’s not pleasant and a bit messy, so we tend to avoid beaches these days.

He’s not a bad swimmer either and can even do a few underwater strokes. We were told he had some hydrotherapy during his lengthy stay with The Dogs Trust, which makes sense because he swims a few feet, then turns and goes back the way he came. And repeats.

I have been told that Greyhounds aren’t known for their swimming and can take an active dislike to being anywhere near water but not our boy. Under the right circumstances, he is as focussed on it as he is when he’s on squirrel patrol.

The thing I never get tired of though is the hose pipe and paddling pool.

We had several, rather expensive attempts with pools we thought we might be able to share with him. Unfortunately, Dexter likes to dig water and so the blow up kind tend to get trashed in minutes.

We have ended up with a moulded plastic kids sand pit thing. It’s not ideal but it allows us to cool him off when it’s really hot without him tearing holes in the bottom of it.

And it allows for some hilarious photo ops to capture just how much of a nutcase he is.

Getting a dog has many well documented benefits but I think one of the best is the guaranteed laughs you get every single day.

I’m told it’s good for you.

On hot days when we get the pool out, I usually end up crying with laughter.

That sure feels pretty damn good to me.




If you’re interested in seeing video of Dexter vs Water, you’ll find some on my Instagram  at instagram.com/suzysquint



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