Sofa dilemma

As I mentioned in the previous post we’re moving house.

It’s not been too stressful an experience so far, we’re only moving 2 doors along and we’ve had a couple of weeks to do it in. But it’s nearly time so things are cranking up.

The new house has a little more space which we’re keen to maximise by pairing down the stuff we own. We don’t want to fill it up immediately, we want to enjoy the extra square footage at least for a couple of months.

Currently we have 3 sofas. All sofa’s are handmedowns, one is nearly 35 years old and I want rid of all of them. They take up so much space, none are my taste and I have never ever bought a brand new sofa. So at 47 years of age, it’s time.

Only problem is…


Sighthounds love a sofa. They like something off the ground to avoid the draughts and it has to be soft for their boney little hips and elbows to be truly comfortable.

I can watch him endlessly when he’s snoozing. He deep-sighs, grunts and groans, stretches his digits and rolls around in apparent ecstasy. After nearly 5 years it’s still so rewarding to see our once troubled rescue mutt absolutely happy and relaxed.

The last few days I’ve been feeling bad that our professional couch potato not only won’t have his special couch but won’t have any couch until we get around to buying a new one. And then he’ll only be able to snag it when we’re not sitting there.

He won’t share. He’s too aloof for sharing.

I feel bad that he has no idea what’s coming in less than 4 days.

I’ll let you know how it goes.









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