Moved in

Let me tell you, moving is an absolute pain in the arse, regardless of how far you’re actually going.

All sofas have now gone and a new one has yet to be ordered.

Dexter had a pretty hard time of it as the first week in, we had fireworks and a massive thunder storm. He had neither the comfort of a sofa or his safe place, which used to be under a built-in desk I had in the corner of the old dining room.

He was also off his food and banged his toe on the new back step, so spent a good part of the following week limping.

As if all that wasn’t traumatic enough, we’ve also decided we’re not going to stay here and need to find another house as soon as possible. I won’t bore you with the reasons but basically we didn’t have much of a choice at the time and it seemed like the least amount of hassle.

Although Nick and I have not really settled in, I can at least confirm that the big lad has found a decent alternative in the absence of his sofas and is now perfectly comfortable…

…On the spare bed.



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